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Temperamental Italians are famous for their love of gambling and risk, however, the ඉතාලි Government took a long time to legalize some forms of gambling. The reason for the strict attitude to this area was that in the 90XCHARXs most of the population disapproved of this kind of entertainment. Perhaps this is due to the fact that gambling, many associated with the Mafia. But over time, things have changed and in recent decades the country has seen a rapid growth in popularity of gambling.

Note for visitors to our online gambling directory that the current model of gambling in ඉතාලිය is aimed at preventing diversion of money ඉතාලි players abroad. In order to “intercept” the locals, who are leaving to play abroad, all casinos countries are located close to the borders with neighboring states.

2007 දී, ඉතාලිය was legalized card games based on the skills and craftsmanship, the latest power and other types of legalized gambling. An official body to regulate gambling in ඉතාලිය is the AAMS (Amministrazione Autonoma dei Monopoli di Stato), which is engaged in the supervision and issuance of licenses. The penalty for breaking the law can be different – from fines to imprisonment.

List of Top 10 Italian Online Casino Sites

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Top 10 හොඳම යුරෝපයේ ඔන්ලයින් කැසිනෝ 2018:

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Top 10 හොඳම ඇමරිකා එක්සත් ජනපදය ඔන්ලයින් කැසිනෝ 2018:


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Online gambling in Italy

අන්තර්ජාල සූදු ඉතාලිය is officially permitted. According to various surveys, online gambling is one of the most popular forms of entertainment Italians. Not surprisingly, the revenues from online gambling in ඉතාලිය are growing every year. To date, the ඉතාලි players open access to both the sites of online gambling in ඉතාලිය and to foreign gambling sites. However, the authorities closely monitor and control their activities. According to the law on online gambling in ඉතාලිය, for the provision of their services across the country, all operators are required to obtain a special license. Thanks to this policy, the ඉතාලි gaming industry grows, develops and becomes more profitable and attractive to foreign investors. 

Sites online casino accepts players from Italy

ක්රීඩකයන් පිළිගන්නා මාර්ගගත කැසිනෝ වෙබ් අඩවි ලැයිස්තුවක් බලන්න ඉතාලිය, and offering a high quality and safe games. Here you will find a wide range of entertainment from slot machines to casino games live from such famous software vendors as NetEnt, Merkur, IGT, Novoline, Microgaming, Betsoft, Rival Gaming , and many others.
ඔබටත් කියවිය හැකිය විචාර of online casino sites, to be aware of the best online promotions, bonuses and payment options available to ඉතාලි ක්රීඩකයන් වෙති.

Gambling in Italy

CasinoToplists journey continues and this time we will stop at the home of the word “casino” – in sunny ඉතාලිය. Historically, that gambling is called “casino”, although the Italians – it’s just a “house”.

ලිපියෙහි සාරාංශය:

  •    ඉතාලිය – geography and history in brief;
  •  සූදුව:
  •    History attitude to gambling in a historical perspective from 1919 to the present day;
  •    There are 5 casinos on the borders of the country;
  •    since 2010 are allowed to play at an online casino.
  •    Five sights of Rome Italy capital with addresses;
  •    Interesting information about the country and its inhabitants.

Location Italy and brief historical background

Italian Republic – is a friendly corner of the Old World, the cradle of civilization and an open-air museum.

His gentle name of the country has received from the Cypriot neighbors, but its value is very prosaic – the country of the calves.

This is due to the fact that for a long time, it was the bull was the symbol of the people, often portrayed butting the Roman she-wolf.

The capital of Italy XCHARX Rome gorgeous, heart sunk into oblivion of the Roman Empire, the eternal city, who fought for many people. Today it is home to over 4 million people, a lot of visitors. Rome has become a truly cosmopolitan, there are good-natured guests and offer them a lot of fun. But their number does not include gambling games to play, have to go to the legalization of business area. There is available to the guests Roulette , Punto Banco , බ්ලැක් ජැක් යානය and games thirty or forty, craps , Chemin de Fer, and everyone’s favorite, පෝකර් ගහන්න දන්නවානම්.

It would be a sacrilege to go to Italy just for the casino, because there is, perhaps, one of the world’s highest concentration of attractions: castles, fortresses, bridges, palaces, restaurants, vineyards, theaters, museums and many more just amazing.

Casino and gambling in Italy

Although the Italians are very reckless, so far at national level must not be opened Gambling houses, salons, private casinos and even the halls of slot machines. Nevertheless, several casinos in Italy is.

Gambling and Italians to stand for centuries, people hot and loves to play, but Catholicism has a negative attitude to this pastime. The authorities made a compromise and legalized sin so that he began to defend national interests.

The government is well aware that if the ban gambling completely, will outflow of money in the gambling houses of the neighboring countries, which is absolutely undesirable. Therefore, to reduce the temperature of players and at the same time to replenish the budget, on the border with Slovenia, France, ස්විට්සර්ලන්තය and Monte Carlo operates several casinos.

Total in Italy operates 5 casinos, but none of them is not in Rome. Magnificent casino in San Remo intercepts wishing to play in Monaco or France, to azino in Campione on the shore of Lugano lies on the border with ස්විට්සර්ලන්තය,the casino in San Vincent closes the escape route to the tunnel of Mont Blanc. A 2 places in Venice will not allow people to go gambling in Slovenia.

Oddly enough, only in the twentieth century, Italy was so righteous, before gambling played freely. For a long time remained the legendary Venetian casino “Ridotto”.

After the First World War, the government closed 59 casinos began operating a strict ban on gambling since 1919. But Mussolini understood the harmfulness of such a policy for the state budget, so in 1927, officially opened the casino in San Remo.

Casino San Remo is located in a magnificent mansion, designed in 1905 by Eugene Ferret. It is located in the municipal jurisdiction. For a long time it was the only gambling house in Italy, and there he was, according to Mussolini only as confirmation of the rule.

Nevertheless, the Italians activity has led to the fact that in 1933 inaugurated Casino Campione dXCHARXitalia. Its built in 1917 with a special glamor, typical of its time. This is a huge futuristic building today is the biggest casino in යුරෝපය.

In 1937, laws were softened a bit, in Venice were allowed gambling casinos but here are under the control of the municipality.

After World War II related to gambling preserved, still works several casinos, but all attempts to expand business strongly suppressed.

Very interesting it is the story of the discovery of the 4th casino in San Vincent, high in the Alps. It is located in the Valle dXCHARXAosta region, where there are so tightly intertwined culture of France and Italy, that France in 1947 by referendum wished to attach themselves to the territory. Residents of San Vincent put Rome condition that they remain in Italy when in the casino will appear. And it opened in speed.

But the history of the activities of the Italian casino, even under municipal jurisdiction, knows a lot of dark moments. Reliably established fraud of employees and senior management staff. And in 1983, even caught a casino Saint Vincent and Sanremo links with the mafia. After this tough business restructured and changed direction.

Today, in the Apennine peninsula it operates 5 casinos, and they are still the municipalities, the regions contribute to the budget of a whopping sum of 70% of the profit from slot machines, 50% XCHARX from US games, 45% XCHARX from the French.

Although the Italian government is not going to the casino concessions, in 2010 the Italians were able to play in online පෝකර් ගහන්න දන්නවානම් rooms. Such relief was justified by the hundreds of billions of tax received in the budget.

What is remarkable, though little casino in Italy, and in the capital they are not present at all, these places have become a kind of landmark and tourist attraction. Luxury villas with magnificent interiors long been the venue for social events, large-scale public and private events.

Rome attractions

  1. Coliseum. Address: Piazza del Colosseo, 1. It is a symbol of Ancient Rome, the most spectacular ancient building, which is a hallmark of the Italian capital.
  2. Trevi Fountain. Address: Piazza di Trevi. The magnificent baroque fountain of the XVIII century, designed by Nicola Salvi, towers above the Trevi area of ​​almost 26 meters, affecting the beauty and grandeur.
  3. Pantheon. Address: Piazza della Rotonda. The best example of Roman architecture, striking exterior and interior decoration.
  4. Roman forum. Address: Via della Salaria Vecchia, 5/6. Center of social life of ancient Rome gives an excellent insight into the life of a century ago.
  5. Saint Paul’s Cathedral. Address: Piazza San Pietro. This is the largest Christian church in the world and the most impressive structure of the Vatican.

Interesting facts about Italy and Italians

  • Italy – the most populous state in යුරෝපය.
  • 98% of the population XCHARX Catholics.
  • Italy – the birthplace of half the world famous cheese.
  • In Italy there are two dwarf states: the Vatican and San Morino.
  • In Italy, more than volcanoes than any other country in යුරෝපය.
  • Modern Italian – a Florentine dialect, which was popularized thanks to Dante.

Italy on the map of Europe

Italy on the map of Europe